WhatsApp for windows 8 is a most popular app all over the world and we have many more users and it is awarded as best chatting app all over the world and here we can access the WhatsApp all over the world here WhatsApp contains so many advantages like audio calling and video calling and photo sharing and many more advantages are available.

And since it is more popular because of its features and some of the features like location, hence it works like mobile platform like android , IOS , Symbian ,windows phone , Black Berry and many platforms are there and the WhatsApp was bought by facebook for 20 million dollars and now its earning than he invested because of its fans it became most popular and in now a days every one need WhatsApp for various purposes and here many people are using WhatsApp and making their business most popular and now we ll have WhatsApp in your hands and many can make miracles .


Now a days WhatsApp is available for various mobile platforms, but still now WhatsApp is not available for windows operating systems like windows 8/7/8.1/10 PC or Mac computers. There is no WhatsApp software for windows to install WhatsApp directly. But there is an option to install whatsapp on windows by using android emulators which can be used to  download and install WhatsApp for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC.